October 26, 2011

This Is Someone Else’s Design

A lot of people’s, actually. It’s a theme, a really nice theme, but a theme that I bought from Themeforest.net for forty bucks. It’s a theme that I didn’t even really change around. If you like it, you can have your very own too.

Actually, as of 1/2013 I went and bought myself a brand new theme which for all of fourteen dollars is simple and responsive and handles post formats and does everything I need except actually force me to write.

I sat down to build my 276th version of my first blog a few weeks ago. I’m building a blog so I can write. I’m writing so I can contribute to a community and think critically and expose my formerly-precious inner monologue to criticism and debate. This doesn’t require a shit hot logo or beautifully subtle background patterns.

In service of getting this thing DONE, I pretty much banned myself from exercising my designer’s itch to tweak and futz and push pixels around. I’m resisting that urge right now, as we speak. That’s actually the only reason you’re reading this instead of me moving on to thinking about making Revision 277 to a site that no one will ever see.

I generally think of design as goal-driven. My goal with this site is to make myself into a stronger communicator and to become more embedded, as an active contributor, into the design and business and engineering communities that I’ve derived innumerable personal and professional benefits from.¬†And to achieve that goal, I need a simple mechanism to expose writing and thoughts to an audience. I’m excited to iterate on this as time goes on and yes I know my column width is probably a bit too narrow and that the favicon only appears when it wants to, but I’m embracing the process and if you’ve made it this far, my process is working because I’ve FINALLY written something that has an audience. Yep. Thanks.