November 09, 2011

I Got A Lot To Teach, But Even More To Learn

TL;DR: I never remember anything, so in an attempt to stop forgetting I’m going to start posting code and design hints and hacks as I discover them, even when they’re easy or old or obvious.

I’m probably always gonna be a bit like a bull in a china shop when I run into something I don’t understand. I smash through like seventeen browser tabs and Stack Overflow and some Google Groups post and another random mailing list and I try one thing and try another and then it works. And then I forget everything just in time to do it all again then next time.

After years of hacking away with design tools and programming langages like this I know, like, just enough to be dangerous about a lot of things. I don’t want to be just dangerous enough, though: I want to be¬†really really¬†dangerous.

I want to know as much about the tactics and details as I do the principles of designing and building software products, and I’m lucky enough to do things that teach me something new every single day. So from now on, whenever I pick up some little hint or tip or hack, whether it’s mind-blowingly head-exploding or really obvious, I’m going to throw up a little post about it. It may or may not help someone else, but it’ll definitely help me.