January 05, 2014

Every Day Writing Publishing

It only took three days of my self-imposed “Every Day Writing” challenge and I already cheated and tweeted for yesterday’s “writing”. Which got a great response that made me reconsider the format of the challenge.

From here forth, its “Every Day Publishing.” Because the point of the challenge isn’t to build a better blog. I’m doing it so:

  1. I’ll become a better and faster creative thinker through repetition and practice
  2. I’ll engage with people around and because of the things I share and build relationships
  3. And most importantly, through constant sharing I’ll learn to be less defensively precious about my creative output and learn to take feedback in stride

I can do all of these without limiting myself to little blog entries. I can write here or on Twitter or as comments on a blog post.

In fact, I don’t need to limit it to just writing. Changing “write” to “publish” every day means I can share some work on Dribbble. Or a presentation on Speakerdeck. Or a mix tape on Soundcloud. All three of which are conspicuously lacking in content at the moment.

And finally, I’m pretty confident that my audience here approaches zero. So any of those other things is gonna be just as if not more effective in getting eyes on what I’m publishing.