February 03, 2014

Every Day Publishing, One Month Later

On January 1, I publicly declared a self-imposed challenge that I’d write something on this blog every day. It took me three days to cheat.

So then on January 5, I changed those self-imposed rules of the game from “writing” to “publishing” every day. And here’s what January 2014 looked like in terms of sharing with the world.

17 tweets

I realize this isn’t really an impressive number and a lot of people do this before breakfast or from the bar before their second drink. But we’re talking about a guy who tweeted only 8 times in October of last year and only 5 times in August. So let me enjoy it.

6 blog posts

I fell off in the second part of the month, mainly because I was spending what would be blogging time getting ready for public speaking time (see below). Still, I managed five more posts than the one that I made in October 2013, and infinitely more than the zero posts published in November and December.

3 talks

Well, I gave two talks (one at UCLA and one at General Assembly) and sat on one panel at GA. I’m further changing the rules of the game by adding public speaking as another form of “publishing”. It works since a goal of this challenge is to turn myself into a courageous idea-spewing machine impervious to any fear of criticism or exposure, and public speaking has historically given me a lot of anxiety. Spoiler alert: the more I do it, the easier it’s getting.

2 presentations

Arguably these are just a by-product of giving talks, but I count them anyway.

2 DJ mixes

I have absolutely no aspiration that these are going to take me any further than the second bedroom that I make them in, but DJing used to be a huge source of enjoyment for me and before this month I literally hadn’t touched it in almost two years.

1 side project

I launched an Instagram x Vine mashup, Vinestatube, that I had been messing with for an hour here and an hour there on-and-off since the middle of 2013. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have landed the plane on this without the extra fire that this challenge put under my ass. Maybe next month I’ll actually tell someone about it and get a user or two on there.

I’m not gonna lie for a second: I’m proud of myself. While I don’t think my writing has gotten stronger or more confident yet, I also don’t find myself infinitely postponing that single click on the “Publish” button. On the other hand, I’m definitely starting to feel like I’m finding a speaking voice and gaining more confidence in front of a room. And as a side effect, I dusted off a hobby and made myself launch a side project even if it was a bit unfinished.

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    Nice work, pal!