I’m a software product designer who codes

Fullscreen mode, always

I’m building products for video creators and their fans as the head of product design at Fullscreen in Los Angeles.

I’m a founding employee who built our product, design and engineering teams while straight-up full-bore rocketship hockeysticking from 5 to 255 employees and 300,000 to 3 billion video views a month. I am equal parts individual contributor and product executive and I manage the design team that builds our Creator Platform, our influencer marketplace and B2B offerings, and our mobile and web consumer video apps. (Look, here’s our Dribbble.)

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Browsers without borders

Frameless is an open-source iOS browser built for designers and prototypers that I released in November 2014.

So I built Frameless for myself as a way to learn Swift and as a really simple way to solve a very real problem I had with previewing prototypes on my iPhone. It was honestly a total accident that it made it to #2 on Product Hunt and got in Sidebar.io and has been a trending Swift project on Github for about a month now. I mean, NBD and it’s not like I’m bragging or really excited and proud of this chain of events or anything.

Meet Frameless for iOS

Faking it till I make it

Protoyping gives designers like me superpowers.

Prototyping’s a confirmed, first-class member of the modern product design toolkit. And I’m particularly stoked on Framer.js and the Framer community.

I’ve had opportunities to teach workshops on Framer and to have my work featured in the Framer example gallery. I’ve also built Framer Playground, an animation tweaking tool for Frameristos, and Fluid Framer, a way to make Framer layers semi-responsive.

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Union made

In 2006 I co-founded a digital agency called Union, which had a steady six-year run creating awesome marketing and digital products for entertainment and content brands.

I learned nonstop while the industry moved from waterfall to agile to lean, from 10MB initial-download Flash experiences (remember those?) to “widgets” (remember those?) to native to HTML5 back to everything native again. I went to Prince’s house and had breakfast with him at 2AM while working on his streaming music app. I built a team who built apps and advertising and movie websites and inexplicably a vinyl toy shark*, but even better built real relationships and multi-year engagements with our clients. 

*Our work is now in the great Internet Archive in the sky, but I think you can still buy the shark toy. I’m just saying. No pressure.

Free speech(es)

I’m doing my best to speak, participate and contribute to LA’s startup and tech community.

I learn something new every day

Look, I live a mile from the beach but I’ve only seen the sand like twice in the last year and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Instead I’ve participated in hackdays and rode Startup Buses and did things like help build Volly, a mobile messaging startup (acquired by Location Labs) that I joined as a co-founder after winning Startup Weekend with the Volly team in 2010.

I also write on a blog super inconsistently. I had a decent series about building a user lab a few months ago, but for the most part, the writing really happens in fits and starts.

I occasionally push work to my Github and my somewhat-recently-created Dribbble. I’ve most recently been working on Unicorn Digest mainly because the world desperately needs another news digest app, doesn’t it.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if you need anything, k?