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December 09, 2011

Unlearning Perfection

A few weeks ago I had a quick email exchange with someone asking “if I were to give advice to designers attending Startup Weekend, what would it be?” This has Blog Post written all over it.

I’m guessing I was asked not just because I’m a Designer Who Codes, but also because I’ve also done a bunch of Startup Weekends and hackdays and have generally fared pretty well. (I say this as explanation and run-up and not to brag, by which I mean I just bragged, and deal with it.)

Good hackday performance in my case is mostly due to my ability to sniff out people who are smarter, more talented, and harder-working than myself, to grab them, and to NEVER LET GO. That, and maybe also a little bit because the unique time constraints and pressure of these one-or-two-day timelines has helped to figure out how to approach design with an eye towards ROI, learning where design can really add to the perceived value of a quick prototype and how it can help sell the broad vision of a product. Read more