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November 08, 2011

Upgrading To Lion

I just upgraded my Macbook to Lion because I wanted to turn my computer into a big iPhone and because I was jealous of the sexy scrollbars that everyone around me was starting to have. It was a really seamless process, thanks in part to Apple’s easy download-and-install process and in part to Daniel Fischer’s step-by-step guide.

Since I use RVM and Homebrew that walkthrough pretty much covered everything I needed, but I did run into two other small things along the way.

Upgrading Homebrew: Permissions

When I tried to brew upgrade I got the following error as Homebrew attempted to upgrade the first installed package:

Error: Permission denied - /usr/local/Cellar/libtiff/3.9.5

The following fixed that error and I was able to run brew upgrade without a problem.

sudo chown -R '' /usr/local

Java Runtime

Lion also must have uninstalled whatever Java runtime I previously had and apparently doesn’t ship with Java anymore. If you do things like compress your assets with Jammit you’re going to need to download and install Java from Apple’s website.