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January 22, 2012

Simple Feature Flags for Rails + Mongoid

Selectively rolling out new bits of an app using feature flags isn’t exactly a new idea. But being reminded of it during the keynote preceding the overall awesomeness of Heroku’s developer conference last week, right in the midst of my work adding more and more faster and faster to Fullscreen’s products, made me think that it was high time we got something like this hooked up.

Like any properly lazy developer, the first thing I did was search for a gem that could do this shit for me. And there were a few. And some looked pretty good. But the basic use cases for this feature were totally simple and concrete.

1. Enable and disable a feature on a per-user basis
2. Enable and disable a feature globally

And since I was looking for an easy feature to start learning TDD on (a post for another time) I figured I’d do it myself. Read more